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  1. Xenophobic Attacks in Isipingo, KZN

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    The King has scored in inciting xenophobic violence against the foreign nationals in South Africa once again. I think that is a bad impression of what the South African society is all about. Can't we black South Africans simply compete with competitive people? It all looks like we are busy competing to be the laziest--imbibing tax payers' moneys thru government grants and still have the guts to hate on those that clearly work for everything they have!
    The madness of Xenophobia ...
  2. Rhodes Must Fall - University of Cape Town (UCT)

    The Rhodes Must Fall Movement seem to have achieved something ever since it started with a student throwing somewhat freshly churned poop on the Rhodes' Statue. The management at UCT finally gave in to the students pressure.

    The Statue will fall wholesomely- It will simply be excavated and taken to the heritage site/ offices in Capetown. It won't be destroyed as some raged students had hoped for it to be.

    Where will the Rhodes' Statue be taken after excavation? ...
  3. Foreigners in South Africa actually Contribute more than they Drain the Economy

    I read a story on Yahoo this evening about King Goodwill Zweithini's utterances about foreign nationals in South Africa and it was quite informing I guess.

    King Goodwill Zwelithini made a very venomous statement against our African brothers living here in South Africa - Mzansi is for all that are in it and I feel it's quite absurd for a person of the status of the King of the Zulu people to make such an insensitive statement. First of all, aren't kings supposed to simply mind the ...
  4. RSA Politics Launches a State of the art Political Discussions Platform

    RSA Political Debates' Web Platform is here. You are free to start off a thread and the rest will join you as we continue building the forums. Enjoy. Keep it 100% political all you want. No hate.